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6 Most Luxurious Brands In The World  

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Whether you are a fashion expert or a novice, the chances of not being familiar with the most popular brands present in today’s world are minimal, almost non-existent. Names like Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton have been around for too long while others like Florian Helier made a grand entrance in the fashion world with perfectly balanced products and outstanding quality. Learn more about them by reading the article below.

Louis Vuitton

This universally renowned French brand does not need any introduction because any person with the minimum interest in fashion and style is capable of acknowledging the quality and the high status offered by each of its products. Those who prefer a more obscure luxury brand have redirected their attention from Louis Vuitton but this does not make it less popular or successful. People affording the latest products, purchase them without hesitation while the average person struggles to gather the necessary amount of money to wear at least one pair of shoes or piece of jewelry.


Similar to Louis Vuitton, Hermes is also a French brand enjoying great popularity worldwide. Since 1837, this manufacturer holds a solid position in the valuable global brands top as well as in the world’s record book for the most expensive bag ever known, named Hermes Birkin. Other products from the brand refer to jewelry, perfumery, watches and even home furnishings. Originally, the brand started by creating harnesses, bridles and saddles.


Apparently, manufacturers behind the best luxury brands come from France. Founded in 1847 and headquartered in Paris, Cartier is legendary for its precious jewelry and watches collections. It does not come as a surprise taking into account that you can find 200 stores opened across the world with the name Cartier on them. Their finest piece, the Cartier Tank Anglaise, is a watch with a value of approximately $32.000. The question arises: do you have the money to buy it?


Everyone knows the woman behind this huge brand, Coco Chanel. The luxury goods provided by this company include ready-to-wear clothes and haute couture as well as fashion accessories. Women all over the world know about the signature piece, perfume No.5, which represents an olfactory heritage and a masterpiece of chic. Moreover, this fragrance makes them feel unique and eternal.

Florian Helier

This innovative manufacturer knows exactly how to combine materials in order to obtain high-end luxury lifestyle products for everyday use. Simple yet eye-catching and original, you can find each product in limited edition on the official site, http://www.florianhelier.com meaning that you will have the possibility to add unique accessories to your outfit thus enriching your style, breaking stereotypes and standing out from the crowd. The extraordinary design of every piece will differentiate you from the rest, whether participating in a grand event or walking in the street.


This Italian luxury brand founded in 1921 occupies a decent position in all the lists enumerating popular fashion brands all over the world. When you say “Gucci”, you think about handbags and scarfs. These represent staple products for the famous brand and must-haves for every fashionista, even though we cannot help but wonder just how many women purchased the crocodile shoulder bag, also known as the most expensive product from Gucci due to the incredible amount of $35.000.