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Beautiful Sapphire Engagement Rings Ideas

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If you think that a silver engagement ring would better suit your girlfriend’s hand then you should take a look at these sapphire engagement rings ideas. If she likes to wear more white jewelry than golden jewelry then you should consider buying some silver or platinum masterpieces. A veritable sapphire is blue. It may be cut in various ways and it may have various sizes.

Central Emerald Cut Sapphire

If you’re looking to give her a real excitement then you should choose a big emerald cut sapphire. For a bigger effect you can choose to have it surrounded by a string of small diamonds or other stones. It’s advisable not to go for the two-way colored rings when it comes to engagement rings – the blue color should be enough. This type of cut – the emerald cut – looks very good both on a thin hand and on a larger hand. It also fits all the ages.

Secondary Radiant Cut Sapphires

If you want the engagement ring to have a diamond as a central piece then you should think about adding two small radiant cut sapphires on each side in order to make it look fuller. You also have the option to surround the central stones with a tiny string of diamonds.

Strings of Alternating Diamonds and Sapphires

If you don’t want to limit decorating the ring only for the front side then you should consider alternating small diamonds and sapphires for the whole body of the ring. This will create an interesting visual effect that no woman can say no to!

Tapered Baguette Sapphires

This type of sapphire engagement rings use the sapphires and the body ring to create a surrounding halo for a precious central stone. The main stone of the ring may either a diamond or a sapphire.

Square Sapphires in Diamond Shape

This model of stone disposition is a very complex one. It will make her hand appear elongated and her fingers appear thinner. It’s a wonderful stones disposition pattern not only for engagement but for any kind of occasion, yet it fits better the powerful women who have strong personalities.

Heart Shape Sapphires

If your girlfriend likes to surround herself with feminine things then probably the heart sapphire engagement rings are the type of rings that suit her the best. How would she feel having her little own personal Heart of the Ocean on her finger?