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Best Earrings for Women with Short Haircuts

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Accessories are very important when it comes to creating a great appearance. However, when they are not used properly, they can ruin an entire outfit, so you should be careful with the way you use your jewelry when trying to enhance your image. Furthermore, there are many aspects that you must consider when choosing your adornments, as you have to think about how your earrings, necklaces and bracelets will match the rest of your outfit, but also your hairstyle. Women with short haircuts often refuse to wear a certain type of earrings because they don’t like the way they look with their hairstyle. So, let’s see which the best earrings for women with short hair are.

Choose your earrings based on the moment of the day

The best thing about wearing earrings when you have short hair is that they can be easily seen, so they can really highlight a woman’s best qualities. Giving that women with short hair have their earlobes exposed, they can wear any type of earrings they like, because even the smallest stud earrings can be noticed in this case. However, there is one rule according to which dangling, bright earrings shouldn’t be worn during daytime, as they are more suitable for events that take place in the evening, or special occasions. Since short hair can’t cover a pair of bold earrings, they will be very obvious, which might make them inappropriate for daytime. Another criteria that women should consider when deciding on what earrings to wear is the color of their hair.

How to compliment your short haircut with earrings?

The best earrings will highlight your hair color in a great way, and they will enhance your overall look. Since there aren’t many hairstyles that you can create when you have short hair, the only way to compliment your haircut is to use earrings that will draw attention on the color of your hair. So, you should pay attention to the following advice:

  • If you have short, blonde hair, you should avoid wearing sliver earrings, because they will not compliment your figure like gold earrings would. So, you should choose between different shades of yellow when trying to figure out what earrings to wear.
  • Brunettes and women with brown short hair should direct their attention towards silver and dark colors when searching for the best earrings for their needs.
  • Red haired women can use gold, peach and rose earrings to embellish their aspect.