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Choose the right earrings for your hairstyle         

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Sometimes it may get difficult to choose the right earrings that complement your whole look. Either if you go on a date, at a wedding party or just out with your friends, you have to look perfect. Sometimes you may have the most beautiful pair of earrings but the hair hides them, and your friends do not even notice them. If you are going to an important event, you should go to an Ottawa hair salon, and ask a stylist to make you a hairdo that will emphasize your earrings. Here are some tips on how to have your hair done for different types of earrings.

Consider your hair colour and length

Before buying earrings, you should determine what jewelleries are best for your hair length. If you have a short cut, you are able to wear every style and size of earrings effortlessly. You will be admired if you wear rubies, sapphires, diamonds, or long metallic strands. If you have long hair you can opt for longer and larger earrings that will get noticed trough your long locks. Do not be afraid to try rectangle or oval shapes because they will look amazing trough your long hair. You hair colour is a big factor in choosing earrings, because some colours may complement all type of earrings but some shades may not. If you are a blonde you should use colorful earrings, but if you are a brunette you should try sparkling gemstones that will provide a beautiful contrast with your dark hair. If you are a redhead, you should try cool shades as turquoise, blue, purple or green.

What to wear according to your hairstyle

If you have a pixie crop, you should use dangles to frame your face. If you want to wear a sleek bun for an elegant event, you should buy drop down earrings that will look great with every face shape. If you wear a side braid in the summer, you should use minimalist earrings, and for a “boho” style try bright-coloured ones. If you like high ponytails or sleek topknots, you should draw the admirers’ attention with special earrings. Try some bold ones or long dangling jeweled for a glamorous look. If you wear your hair down in day-to-day life, you should play with different materials and stones for your simple clusters. Get the perfect modern look by using chandeliers or tear drops earrings for your braid or ponytail look. Earrings can prove to be the perfect accessories to draw all the attention to you, so pick them wise.