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Choosing the Right Earring Shapes for Each Hairstyle

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Giving the large number of earring shapes and forms that exist, the choices are endless, so you need to focus on finding the accessories that can compliment your hairdo and enhance your entire appearance. Here are some tricks that you might find very useful.

Long hair

If you have long hair that you like to wear down, you will discover that stud earrings can get lost in your hair. Therefore, you should direct your attention towards long, shiny earrings that can be noticed easily through your strands. Furthermore, chandelier earrings can add a nice sparkle to your aspect, and they can make you look very glamorous when attending special events. However, depending on how you are planning to arrange your hair, you can opt between many other types of adornments.

  • Ponytail

This hairstyle is considered by many a little boring, so it requires bold accessories to add more balance to your image. So, we advise you to opt for bright colors and earthly materials for your earrings. Accessories made from bamboo, wood, and cork can grab attention easily, and they can match a casual outfit in a great way.

  • Half-up hairdos

Linear earring shapes are great for half-up hairdos, and depending on the event that you are attending, you can wear long, hanging chandelier earrings, or you can choose a pair of teardrop earrings. Furthermore, giving that this hairdo will expose your entire face, you have to consider the shape of you face when choosing your earrings. While other face shapes are more permissive, square face shapes must be softened with round earring shapes such as dangling balls and hoop earrings.

  • Updo hairstyles

Updos are very elegant and sophisticated, which is why you need to highlight their beauty with a pair of earrings that will match the occasion. Diamond shapes are great when it comes to choosing your accessories, especially if you are going to a wedding, or you are preparing for your prom night.

Medium length hair

Women who have shoulder length hair, should avoid wearing earrings which have the same length that their hair has. Furthermore, since the latest fashion trends encourage women to wear only one large earring, we advise you use this trick to improve your aspect.

  • An asymmetrical hairstyle can be balanced with a sparkly adornment. For example, if you arranged one side of your hair nicely, you should wear a large earring on the other side to create a nice visual effect.
  • You can make a classic bun look even more noble with pendant earrings.
  • If you have curly hair, you should avoid wearing round earrings, as the best way to highlight your feminine side is to wear long, straight earrings with smooth lines.

Short hair

There aren’t many ways to create a great hairstyle when you have short hair. Therefore, the best way to upgrade your hairdo is to make it look more precious by wearing the right accessories. Since your adornments should balance your hairdo, you shouldn’t wear too overwhelming earring. So, if you plan to create an elegant look, you should enhance your hair with a shiny headband that you can match with triangle shaped earrings. Swing earrings can also suit your headpiece, and since they are so fashionable, you will look very trendy.