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Creating Your Own Jewelry Has Never Been Easier

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You don’t need to have any special skill to create your jewelry, just patience and the right gear. Creating your jewelry, aside from helping you save up some money as you won’t splurge on expensive sets, will also help you to create custom jewelry that will perfectly match your fashion needs. If you get the hang of this activity and become good at it, you can even start making jewelry and selling to those who need them, like earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

How to go about creating your own jewelry the easy way

·Get ideas

Ideas about jewelry making will guide you on which design to adopt for your Christmas tinsel and how to go about making the jewelry. You can think about what will best fit your needs and your style, and go online to seek some inspiration and see what others have already created as well. Your current collection could serve as inspiration, even pieces that you don’t like as you can modify the jewelry by adding new stones or beads to make it suit your taste. Find your style and stick to it, this is basically what you have to do to get inspired as ideas are bound to flow once you know what you like most.

·Choose the right material

 After deciding on your choice of design, you should choose the right material for making the jewelry.  Consider necessity, availability, and taste as the material is the canvas on which you “paint”, after all. Examples of materials you can use:

  1. MetalsCan be used in the form of rings, chains, and wires.  Your personal taste can determine the type of metal to use.  Soft metal can bend easily and is best for creating loops. You can use either copper or gold for this purpose.
  2. Stones or gemstones – Bear in mind that stone is more expensive than many of the other materials.  You can save money by using false stone.
  3. Wood, twine, resin, or plastic – Cheap and easy to acquire, these are the more commonly used materials when manufacturing handcrafted jewelry with the intent of selling. Don’t get us wrong though, with practice and the right design in mind, pieces made with any of these materials can look just as gorgeous, if not better than jewelry made from expensive materials.
·Sketch the image you prefer

You should first sketch what you want to design before you actually start to make sure you won’t end up changing your mind halfway when it’s impossible to retract the work you already did. Put your idea on paper first and use the drawing as a guide, preventing time loss and material wastage by doing so.

Aligning the design elements and gauging relative sizes are more possible by sketching on graph paper.  The drawing can be perfected by using tracing paper, stencils, rulers and other tools.

·Master some basic skills first

Before you actually start working with the more expensive materials in your collection, you should first get the hang of this craft to prevent wasting material and money. For most projects you will take up, you will need to have already mastered a few basic skills. For example, you should be able to form a wire loop, open and close a jump ring, and more.

·Take a class

These days, you don’t have to get out of the house to take a crafting class as there are more than enough online tutorials for basically almost any skill out there. Of course, this isn’t to say that interactive classes don’t have their benefits as they do, the chance to have an actual instructor be by your side and guide you when you make mistakes being valuable for beginners in any art. However, no matter the type of class you end up taking, whether it is an online course or an afternoon class at a local venue, what is important is for you to soak in as much information as you can before you start working with the expensive materials you bought as chances are higher for you to be successful in your crafting project.