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Designer Pet Jewelry for Our Furry Friends

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For those who own a pet, nothing is too much or too expensive when it comes to spoiling and pampering their little furry friends, therefore more and more people adorn their pets with chic and shiny pet jewelry. Common collars and leashes have become real jewelry since designers have started encrusting them with precious stones and turning them into fashionable accessories.
Dogs and cats owners have a wide range of pet jewelry to choose from, such as collars, leashes, and can even get their pets clothing items encrusted with gems that can go to exorbitant prices, but nothing seems to be too expensive for pet lovers, since designer pet accessories are becoming more and more popular. Here are some of the things you can buy for your spoiled pet.


The ordinary collar has turned into more of a necklace since it is made of precious metals and has crystals and gems on it. You can get your pet a chic collar with its name engraved, gold plated or filled with precious stones.


Pendants are excellent pet jewelry and come in various shapes, from bones, hearts, bows, flowers and you can even buy one resembling your pet’s breed.

Hair clips

Many pet owners love to perk their furry friends with hair clips, tiaras and hair bands, and they can find on the market designer handcrafted hair pins with Swarowski crystals and pearls accented with gold and silver details, that will make the pets look like stars.


The clothing area also contains items that are worthy of Hollywood stars, such as dresses, jackets, hats or shoes signed by designers who want pets to look as stylish as their owners. Precious gems and crystals are present on every clothing item, turning them into real jewelries.

Beds and blankets

The sleeping accessories have become luxury items and many designers have created complete lines of beds, pillows, blankets and sheets manually sewed, embroidered with gold thread and adorned with Swarowski crystals. You can even have your pet’s name written in gold letters on the bed’s upholstery.

Travel purses

Carrying your dog everywhere you go has become a trend and everyone who owns a small dog can purchase a fancy travel bag to keep their pet safe and warm during the trip. However, these are no ordinary bags since they are made of fine fabrics and are encrusted with crystals so that they are real pieces of jewelry.