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How to afford designer watches

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No matter how easy it is to find $20 replicas of famous designer watches in fast fashion stores, there’s something about a genuine luxury watch that can’t really be put into words. Maybe it’s the fact that you know it’s the real thing, or a sense of accomplishment that you managed to buy it. However, designer watches aren’t something that most people can buy at any given day of the month and, usually, you have to save for years in order to buy. It’s one of the reasons why so many people give up the idea of ever owning a genuine designer watch and stick to cheap replicas. However, you don’t always have to pay full price for a designer watch and, if you’re clever, you can actually buy it for half and even recover the investment. Here’s how:


Be on the lookout for sales

As soon as you find that perfect watch, don’t buy it at full price unless you have no other option. Luxury fashion designers don’t have sales as often as regular stores, but when they do, they are considerable. Save the watch you want to buy in your favourites and come back to it regularly to see if the price has dropped. This usually happens at the end of the season, when a new collection takes over. But a high-quality luxury watch never goes out of style, does it?


Sell older watches to watch buyers

If you are a watch aficionado and you want to expand your collection, an excellent option is to sell a watch you no longer want or need and use that money to buy a new one. Many people have expensive watches passed on from relatives and don’t know what to do with them. However, watch buyers know. If you look for a phrase like “sell my Panerai” on the Web, you’ll see that there are many buyers willing to pay a handsome sum for your old watch. So, you happen to have a watch that you don’t necessarily want, you can sell it and get almost all of the money you need for a new one.


Don’t neglect outlets and vintage stores

When looking to invest in a designer watch, you shouldn’t limit yourself to official stores. In fact, unless you’re a purist, you can avoid them altogether. Outlets and vintage stores hide many amazing watches, if you’re patient enough to look, so don’t say not to the occasional visit. The shopping experience in such boutiques is usually very personal, so tell the owner that you’re after a vintage designer watch and they’ll let you know when one is available.


Look for coupons and discount codes

Last, but not least, find ways to get extra discounts. The occasional discount code will pop up online. Subscribe to fashion bloggers, because they always do collabs with jewellery brands and post discount codes. Also, if it’s appropriate, ask your friends and family to get you gift vouchers for your birthday and use them for a larger splurge.