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How to Care for Precious Jewelry

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Everybody cherishes their jewelries no matter the material they are made of, or the value of the gems they consist. Whether you are talking about gold or silver jewelry, ornamented with precious gems or delicate handmade vintage items, here are some tips on how to care for your precious jewelry.

Silver jewelry

Silver is known as one of the most sensitive precious metals when it comes to durability over time, but luckily the damages on it are superficial and can be repaired at home through simple means. In order to avoid the silver to become black, you must make sure you store them in a room without moisture, in plastic bags or jewelry cases. The easiest way to care for precious jewelry made of silver is to boil them in sodium bicarbonate which will perfectly clean the silver. However, this method does not work on gem jewelry because the boiling process can cause the gems to fall. For cleaning demanding silver jewelry you can find on the market special solutions to gently rub the jewels with using a soft cloth.

Gold or platinum jewelry

Clean your precious jewelry using a toothbrush soaked in water and soap, then gently rub them using a piece of deer skin, which will give them a nice shine. A gold jewel adorned with precious gems will regain its charm if you put it in alcohol for a few minutes and you can unclog your favorite gold chain by dropping oil on it, then gently rubbing it with your fingers.

Precious gems

Diamonds, rubies, emeralds or any other precious stone can be easily cleaned with a soft toothbrush soaked in sodium bicarbonate or you can remove greasy stains from the gems using a cloth and glass cleaning products. Diamonds in particular, are very demanding and you should keep them in silk pouches separately from other gems in order to avoid irradiation.


You should take special care of your precious jewelry that contain pearls, given that these beautiful ornaments come from a living organism and contain water and proteins, which makes them sensitive to dehydration and drying. In order to keep the pearl’s shiny aspect, clean it with a delicate fabric or a piece of deer skin and a few drops of olive oil to assure hydration. Perfume, alcohol, chemicals, lemon scent, polish and chlorine are the pearls’ enemies and it is recommended that you put on make-up and perfume before putting the pearls necklace around your neck. Do not wrap the pearls in cotton or wool and avoid abrasive items on them, even a soft toothbrush. From time to time, it is recommendable to bath your precious pearl jewelry in salted water.

Handmade jewelry

These types of accessories are also considered precious jewelry, since they are made of different fabrics that can be very demanding and can easily degrade. In order to care for them, try not to keep handmade jewelry thrown one over another, avoid wet and moist areas, keep them away from heating sources and don’t spray perfume right on them.