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How to Choose Earrings for Round Face

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Learning how to choose your earrings will help you draw attention to your most attractive features and enhance your entire aspect. Even the smallest studs play an important role in your entire appearance, because they sit close to your face, adding a sparkle to your image. Still, you should know that it is not enough to choose your jewelry based on your outfit, as there are many other aspects to consider. When you choose your adornments, you must determine if they can match your face shape. For example, women with round faces will make their cheeks look even more chubbier if they wear the wrong accessories. So, let’s find out how to choose earrings for round face.

The characteristics of a round face

In order to find out what type of face you have, you need to analyze the proportions of your aspect. Therefore, if your face is just about equal in length as it is in width, you have a round face shape. Another sign which might indicate you that you have a round face is that your cheeks have a round form, even if you are very skinny. Therefore, you need to focus on long and angular designs that will elongate your face and add more balance to your look.

Types of earrings for round face

  • Teardrop earrings
    These accessories hang below the earlobes, and they are great for women with a round face because they minimize the curves of their visage. Oval gemstone earrings and teardrop earrings with pearls will look great on this type of face.
  • Studded dangles
    Regardless the material that they are made from, dangles have a straight shape, and they hang way bellow the chin or earlobe. Women who want to look more bold choose to wear shoulder dusters that can reach up to their shoulders, flattering round faces by making them look longer than they actually are.
  • Semi dangling dainty earrings
    Dainty earrings lend depth and dimension, so they are the perfect earrings for round face. These trendy statement accessories can match any type of outfit, so they can be easily worn. All you have to do is tuck your hair behind your ears, and prepare to receive lots of compliments.


  • No matter what type of dangling earrings you choose to make your face look more angular, don’t let them compete with your necklace.
  • Avoid round hoops, as they are more suitable for rectangular and square faces shapes.
  • Don’t wear large, chunky jewelries that sit on the ear lobe, because that will only draw attention on the curves of your face.