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Interesting 2015 Jewelry Trends for Necklaces

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Women in general like to beautify their bodies using as many accessories as they can. There may be earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair pins, rings, toe rings, ankle bracelets or even piercing jewelry. They are all very beautiful, have the purpose to complete the outfit and they are used as a way to express the personality. These are the 2015 jewelry trends that the great designers have suggested to wear them with pride. There are used natural materials such as wood, stones, iron or pearls.

Natural Wood Necklaces

The natural wood necklaces are very fashionable this year. They are big solid polished pieces of wood that go great with this year fashion trends for clothes. The main style is loose, comfortable, open and easy-going. Wood is a natural material that inspires calm, genuineness and warmth. Different shapes and styles can be combined with this type of material. The wood is not used in little pieces but in big chunks instead.

Solitary Stone Necklaces

The 2015 jewelry trends come back to natural and give up the materials made by human hand. The necklaces compounded by solitary stones go well with any type of outfit. The gemstones are properly used in fancy occasions and the large ordinary stones work well in day by day outfits.

Stone Network Necklaces

This type of necklaces cannot be worn on a daily basis, they are more suitable for special events. You are allowed to wear them at work only if you work in the fashion industry. This necklace looks like an accessory that Elsa from the Frozen movie would wear. It doesn’t necessarily mean that only this mix of colors works for this necklace design.

Multi-layered Necklaces

There is no wonder that the 2015 jewelry trends apparently still include the multi-layered necklaces. Why? They look too good to give up on them. Not yet! Depending on the outfit that you choose to wear and on the occasion to be worn – this type of necklace puts your imagination to try. They don’t need to be in one piece already tied together, feel yourself free to combine whatever necklaces you already own in order to make a new necklace.

Big loose stone flowers

Necklaces that have big flowers made of stones are very much appreciated this year. They give a touch of preciousness to the outfit. They are strung together on a big shiny chain with zoomed in details.

Romantic Iron gathered flowers

This type of necklace has the particularity that the flowers are made of iron, there is a colorful string which surrounds the golden chain that matches to the dominant color mix of the flowers. There is a lot of poetry and balance in this necklace.