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Learn How to Match Jewelry With Your Outfit

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As well as clothes and make-up, jewelry can offer a special glow to your outfit if you choose them correctly. If you follow some simple rules, you can learn how to match jewelry with your outfit to obtain a neat and beautiful look. Jewelry wearing tips is probably the most important fashion advice for teens as they are the ones most eager to exaggerate with the accessories.

Dare to combine various accessories

If you like to wear the same accessories every day, you tend to obtain a boring and plain look, therefore you should let your creativity do its work and combine jewelry and clothing items. Many people make the mistake of wearing sets of jewelry consisting in matching earrings, necklace, and bracelet, with the same design, thus obtaining an outfit with no personality. Instead, they could combine various jewelry in such ways that one specific item could become the central piece of the outfit while the others simply highlight it.

Consider the fabrics and the colors of your clothes when you match the jewelry

When thinking how to match jewelry with your outfit, consider textures in both jewelry and clothing. While wool and knits can be damaged by heavy and sharp jewelry, silky fabrics go along very well with delicate and feminine jewelry and never with brooches that can ruin them. Also, consider the colors you will wear, to avoid a chaotic and heavy aspect. Most fashion advice for teens implies wearing colorful outfits, yet there is a science to matching colors. If you decide to wear colorful clothes, never opt for several rings or massive necklaces with colored gems. Instead, choose jewelry made of precious metals and match the colors of the stones with the rest of your outfit.

Decide whether to focus on clothes or on jewelry

Learning how to match jewelry with your outfit can be easy if you focus on a central idea. If you want to transform a jewelry into the central piece of your outfit, make sure you match it with simple outfits in smooth colors that will not attract the attention. If, on the contrary, your purpose is to highlight the clothes, then the jewelry must be simple and subtle in order to complete the outfit. Therefore, a dress or a blouse with a strong color or print can be accessorized with a simple pair of silver earrings while a massive necklace can be matched to a blouse in a light shade.

Avoid mixing gold and silver jewelry

Another secret on how to match jewelry with your outfit is not to wear silver and gold jewelry at the same time, given that gold is an elegant metal appropriate for special occasions, while silver is more versatile and suitable for daily outfits. However, if you decide to wear both metals, make sure you wear them far away from each other, for example, gold earrings and silver bracelet, or gold necklace and silver rings.