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Manicure Ideas that Complement your Hand Jewelry

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Matching your manicure to your outfit can seem a little old-school, so why not try to match it to your jewelry? A metallic touch, a color inspired by a gemstone or colors that complement your hand jewelry can turn any boring outfit into a stylish one. It is all about finding the right match and creating a chic and subtle combination that will not look bedizen.

Pay attention to the combinations

In order to avoid a disturbing aspect, pay attention to how each color matches your jewelry. If you wear silver more often than gold, choose nail polish in shades of white, black, gray, blue, pink and shades with metallic accents. If you are more of a fan of gold, opt for shades of brown, red, cream and yellow and create combinations that will complement the precious gold.

Gemstone match

To make the most of your precious gemstone, transpose its shade on your nails. For example, if you are wearing hand jewelry adorned with rubies, paint your nails in a ruby shade of nail polish or complement a sapphire ring by painting your nails in a matching shade. Pearls go excellent with shimmery ivory and cream nail polish.

French and reverse french

French manicure has always been the most simple way to obtain a neat and beautiful manicure, but if you want to match it to your jewelry, you can replace the white with a shade similar to the metal your jewelry is made of. If you wear a bracelet or a ring decorated with a gemstone, you can paint the tip of your nail in the color of the gemstone. A great idea of a french manicure is to combine all the color accents of your hand jewelry, like creating a silver and blue french manicure if you are wearing a silver ring with a blue gemstone.

Metallic accents

The most simple way of matching your manicure with your hand jewelry is to paint your nails in silver nail polish if you wear silver jewelry or in gold nail polish if you wear gold jewelry. But simple is boring, therefore, you can create a more interesting aspect by adding touches of metallic nail polish to your manicure, like painting only one of your nails in a metallic shade, or creating dots of gold over a white or black nail polish. Silver or gold glitter over a nail polish is another great way of matching your manicure to your hand jewelry.

These are just a few ways in which you can match your manicure to your hand jewelry. If you want to discover more inspiring nail design ideas, visit checkmynails.com. There, you will also find simple tutorials for creating amazing nail art.