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Precious Stones and Their Meanings

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Every person has at least one jewel with precious stones and wears it proudly, without knowing the properties of precious stones and their meanings. Learn more about the effects of gems on your personality, your body, and the way they influence your behavior, and choose which precious stone you want to wear as an amulet.

The luxurious diamond

The diamond has been used since ancient times for its healing properties, being considered a symbol of both physical and spiritual strength. This precious stone combats negative energies and brings peace and serenity in the lives of the person who wears it. The precious mineral is also considered an ally of perseverance, precisely because of its hardness which makes it difficult to polish. Esthetically speaking, the diamond is the symbol of purity, luxury, elegance and delicacy and matches perfectly a strong and positive woman.

The electrifying sapphire

For many years, people have analyzed these stones and their meanings, given that the electrical blue color of the sapphire inspires strength, courage and is considered to be the embodiment of pure and true love and honesty. The sapphire is the most appropriate stone to incorporate in an engagement ring, as it attracts love, prosperity and makes wishes come true.

The magical amethyst

The Amethyst is a violet gemstone, considered to be a symbol of modesty, of wisdom and spirituality and has healing powers, strengthening the immune system. It creates a bond between intuition and self-healing power and it is effective against insomnia, anxiety and fear. This stone is recommended to alcoholics, as it gives them power to resist temptation and has the ability to prevent drunkenness if put in the glass of drink. In addition, the amethyst protects against spells if it has engraved on it the symbols of the sun and the moon.

The powerful turquoise

These precious stones and their meanings are associated with neurotic temper and a strong personality, symbolizing the power of the fire. This semi-precious stone in the color of the ocean and the sky also expresses prosperity, youth, and everlasting love. Regarding its curative properties, the turquoise improves the body shape and offers balance.

The protective Agatha

Also called the gem of protection, this mineral is considered to be a great ally for those who can’t face changes, by giving them peace and courage and protects against nightmares. The pearly look is related to delicate emotions, sincere love and the beauty of nature.