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Statement jewelry – everything you need to know

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Jewelry is the best way to complete an outfit, be it elegant of casual. When properly chosen, the aesthetic effect that jewelry can give can really make you stand out from a crowd. The statement jewelry is even more special than you may have though: it can get you out of anonymity in less than a few moments. You do not need more than one single jewelry piece at once to make your outfit shine. The point is to know how to match the jewelry item you chose, and everything is going to be exactly as you pictured it. Read below a series of tips and tricks related to statement jewelry that you definitely want to know.

Don’t exaggerate

Statement jewelry can really stand out and this is the reason why you need to follow the advice you find on any street style fashion blog. Combining statement jewelry properly is difficult if you don’t know a thing about fashion. If you like wearing statement jewelry opt for a simple outfit. Avoid materials that have a vibrant print, embroidery or applications. The jewelry you will be wearing is the only thing that can draw attention to your outfit without being too much. A classic black dress or a pair of trousers and a white T-shirt can be perfectly accessorized with a necklace that favors your neckline and gives a touch of style and boldness to your outfit. Necklaces look the best in the evening, so try avoiding wearing a statement necklace during daytime, simply because it might be too much.

Rely on simplicity too

Even though statement jewelry is all about standing out from the crowd and making everybody turn their heads when you pass by, simplicity remains something you need to know how to master. For instance, when you decide that wearing a chambray shirt would be comfortable and suitable for the day, try combining it with an elegant, sparkly necklace and some nude makeup. As mentioned before, avoid combining bold patterns with huge necklaces or earrings because it’s just too much. Adding a pop of color to a bold dress is not forbidden either – it is recommended. Simplicity doesn’t mean that you are going to wear black, white and grey all your life from now on.

Final thoughts

If you are a fashion lover you will find it extremely easy to deal with putting an outfit together, including jewelry. Now, you must remember at all times that each type of accessory item comes with rules that you must follow in order to obtain that look that everyone will ask about. Most importantly, try putting your personality into it, as this is what makes you look unique and bold. No matter what you are wearing or how you are combining items, at the end of the day what matters is how you feel. Keep this in mind and build each of your outfits by being yourself and choosing whatever you find suitable for your style.