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Style and image – Consultants sharing tips you can use today

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A stylish image is difficult to accomplish for many of us. Even if we constantly purchase new elements, some of us might feel that their style is far from being perfect. And some image consultants claim that this is specifically the issue: investing in too many pieces that work poorly together. But besides this tip, are there any others that might help us accomplish a flawless, stylish image? We asked some experts and this is what we found out.

Less is more

A thing that many image consulting tips seem to have in common is the fact that you have to get rid of your generous wardrobe. Not throw it entirely away. Simply sort through it, see what fits you best and what pieces you still love and donate what can be donated. Then, go shopping but do it wisely and balanced, invest in several core pieces, and some other elements to complete your outfits with. For instance, you could buy two pairs of black jeans, a black or camel coat, a leather jacket and a pair of black heels or boots. Then, besides these, invest in several white shirts and blouses, even T-shirts, if you prefer and your lifestyle allows. This will offer you the possibility to combine and create a variety of outfits that will work perfectly in a variety of circumstances. But keep it minimal, as nobody really needs 80 clothing pieces in their wardrobe.

Minimalistic jewellery

Jewellery has to make its place into your outfits, even if you don’t frequently wear it. Minimalistic, simple and stylish pieces are what you are looking for. Modern women seem to be keener on these than their fellows with no style sense. Stud earrings, simple silver necklaces, simple and minimalistic cuff bracelets, these work amazingly regardless of the occasion and usually leave a good impression on meetings. Also, since these are small and delicate, they won’t impede you from properly managing your daily activities. They won’t get stuck in your clothing and won’t create any type of discomfort.

Dress for the body you have, not the body you want

There are few things less visually appealing than a person who is clueless to dress the body they have. Sure, we all have goals in terms of body shape, but instead of buying pieces that will never fit our body frame, we would better put efforts into making the body that we have to look its best.

These are three of the most important tips some incredible image consultants need you to know and that you can start putting into practice today. These are simple and affordable tips that will save your nerves and help you save some money as well. The less you spend on items you don’t need or like, the happier and less frustrated you’ll be. Also, your bank account will be just as happy as you’ll be. And keep in mind, dress for the body you have, not for the one that you want.