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The Healing Powers of Jewelry: Crystals and Stones as Sleep Remedies

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Whether or not crystals, precious and semi precious stones have any healing powers is still up for debate. However, just because something has yet to be scientifically proven, that doesn’t mean that it is not true. The fact is that we like to consider ourselves a highly advanced society from a scientific point of view, but we’ve only just dipped our toe in the pool of science. There are still so many things we don’t understand so, the healthiest approach to the unknown is to believe that everything is possible until proven otherwise. Nevertheless, one should never abandon western medicine for alternative medicine. However, you can complement a western treatment with some alternative remedies, especially when the remedies in question consist in lovely jewelry pieces.

What does a sleeping disorder consist in?

A sleeping disorder consists in a condition which impedes a person from resting well during the night. This can mean frequent wake ups, an inability to fall asleep within the first 30 minutes of going to bed, waking up tired even after having slept 8 hours and so on. The symptoms of a sleeping disorder are usually tiredness, stress, inability to focus and even depression. If left untreated, even a mild sleeping disorder can turn into a chronic condition.

What are the best natural remedies for insomnia?

For a long time now, people have been using herbs to induce relaxation. Chamomile tea is one of the oldest yet most efficient natural insomnia remedies. Lavender is also a great remedy, its soothing scent inducing a deep state of relaxation. There are some people who believe that precious and semi precious stones have healing properties. There is a stone for every medical condition known to man and insomnia makes no exception.

Which crystals and stones are believed to cure insomnia?

The most powerful stones in the battle against insomnia are sodalite and amethyst. Sodalite is a royal blue mineral, frequently used as a decorative gemstone. It is easy to sculpt which is why it is often sold in the shape of sculpted decorations. However, there are also vintage jewels featuring this gemstone and they are very bohemian and chic. Let’s move on to amethyst, a common quartz used in the jewelry industry. This semi precious stones comes in a wide variety of violet shapes. The value of amethyst depends on its grade. According to crystal healers, if you frequently suffer from insomnia, you can try putting a lavender potpourri bag under your pillow. Drop a sodalite gem and an amethyst gem in that bag and you’ll sleep like a baby. We prefer the gems integrated in jewelry and we are certain that if there are indeed any magical powers associated with precious stones, wearing them as jewelry, that is close to your body is the best way of tapping into those miracle healing powers.