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The Most Popular Red Semi Precious Stones

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Although semi precious gemstones are more abundant than precious stones, that doesn’t mean that they are less valuable. It is true that they are more affordable, but they come with incredible properties that can make any jewelry look precious. What most people don’t know is that the price of a gemstone is based on its color, quality and availability. Therefore, red semi precious stones might turn out to be more expensive than stones that have other colors. Still, with the wide range of red shades that exist, you can be confident that you will find something suitable for your budget. So, if you want to buy an accessory with a red gemstone, you can choose between colors like cherry, burgundy, coral, maroon, ruby, and wine.


Topaz is a beautiful gemstone that is a member of Quartz family. Although it is usually yellow, a red topaz can be easily found, but no matter what color the stone might have, it will turn into a vivid blue when placed close to a heat source. Furthermore, based on many legends, topaz can also change its color when poison is around it, so it has many outstanding characteristics. Still, it is not an invincible element, which means that it will crack and chip when not treated with care.


Since Garnet can be found in every hue except blue, its varieties are named based on their color. Rhodolite is the name of a beautiful, purplish red variety, so if you are searching for impressing red semi precious stones, this is something that you will definitely meet your expectations. However, if you search for something darker, we recommend you the Pyrope and Spessartite garnets, which range from crimson through reddish brown. This type of stones forms under high temperatures and pressure, and they can reach 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness.


The Amethyst is the most popular gemstone in the quartz class, and although you might not believe this, it is colorless in its basic form. However, stones that are less pure can have different tones, including pale red. Depending on their light refraction properties, they can include zones of dark and light red. Furthermore, stones with deep, uniform tones are more valuable than pale stones.


Due to its wonderful colors, the Opal is very popular among people’s choices. Moreover, those who search for red semi precious stones end up choosing the opal as the main attraction of their jewelry, because red opals are the most attractive opals that can be found on the market. The most impressive property of this gemstone is its ability to reflect light, creating a nice aura, and even iridescence. Because of its outstanding hue, fire red is the most expensive color, but we guarantee you that it is worth every penny.