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Unexpectedly feminine accessories for your attire

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Street style has taken over fashion in that past years and this is not to be debated. Even haute couture collections are somehow inspired from sportswear, so why not embrace the trend? However, in spite of this, the warm season seems to be dominated by romantic and feminine influences such as bows, ruffles and flowers. And as most women tend to choose the casual style, not only because it is comfortable but also because it has been so fashionable lately, a trend update is necessary. This does not necessarily mean you have to buy new clothes – there are plenty of nonconformist accessories you can wear that will make you look feminine. Here is our brief list:  


Yes, tattoos can be pretty and feminine and yes you will be able to wear elegant clothes even after you get inked. The ancient misconceptions that associated people with tattoos with criminals are long gone, but some people still think a tattoo is an “accessory” hard to match with a delicate attire. However, that is completely false, especially if you had chosen your pattern carefully before you got inked. There are plenty of simple tattoo designs that will always look nice and feminine, no matter how much you let them show. The ink you put on your skin should not be anyone else’s business but yours. Pick a design that is truly meaningful for you and wear it proudly – this way, it will never ruin your outfits, no matter what you decide to wear.


This particular type of necklace has been extremely popular during the past seasons. Actually, you can really call it the MVP of accessories lately, as all designers include it in their collections and any women has at least one in their arsenal. Even if at first, this kind of necklace seems to be inspired from punk culture, it can be worn in a wide variety of ways besides this basic one. If you want to take your attire to a whole new level and propose a different kind of styling, then try wearing a chocker in an elegant manner. It is not complicated at all and you will definitely obtain an edgy look. Just think about delicate fabrics such as lace or satin and you will figure how a chocker can become an elegant, classy and delicate accessory for your outfit.


Even though this may seem mainstream, scarves are the type of accessory that add feminism to your attires. There are so many things you can improvise if you have some scarves in your wardrobe, that you will never run out of ideas. Try improvising a belt, a new hair tie or even a bow tie! Pick delicate colors and precious fabrics such as silk, and you will be able to update your look in a second. Even a Tom boy outfit can be softened with the right accessories and scarves are the ideal choice. All you have to do is unleash your imagination and dare to experiment more.