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Wearing Jewelry That Can Suit Your Hair Color

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Choosing the right jewelry for your outfit can boost your image significantly, but if you choose to wear accessories that will also suit your hair color, the results will be even more incredible. Most women don’t consider the color of their hair that important when deciding to wear jewelry for enhancing their aspect, which is why they end up creating an aspect that seems unbalanced. So, here are some simple rules that can help anyone upgrade their look significantly.

Jewelry for black hair

Ivory pearls cam make women with black hair look outstanding. Furthermore, pearl necklaces are the perfect choice for creating an elegant look and getting ready for special occasions. Hair accessories in neutral colors create a nice contrast in black hair, so you can opt for a sparkly vintage hair comb when attending a special event. However, colorful accessories can make black hair look more lively, so you can wear red, green or pink chandelier earrings to add a sparkle to your aspect. A colored floral headband will really complement black hair, so this accessory is perfect for celebrating spring or summer.

Jewelry for blonde, ashy and caramel hair

Giving that silver pieces can look too cold against blonde locks, gold accessories are the most flattering adornments for women with caramel or blonde hair. Gold jewelry can help you create a glamorous and luscious aspect, especially if you have long, curly hair. A forehead band with gold accents can work miracles for those who don’t have a fringe, as they can offer a bohemian look that suits everyone with blonde hair perfectly. On the other hand, if your hair color is cooler, you should search for silver jewelry that can match your locks and help you create a harmonious look. For ashy and beige hair tones we recommend single stone drop earrings, or crystal pendant earrings to complete a fabulous look.

Jewelry for red hair

If you have red hair, the best way to flatter your appearance is to wear rose, green, or blue jewelry.
Statement earrings, necklaces and headpieces in these colors will highlight the color of your hair, and it will make it look more bright and beautiful. Rose vintage-style headbands are great for women with long, curly hair, but also for those who have a short, cropped hairdo. So, redheads can choose between different types of accessories to bring their hair color into prominence, and to achieve a spectacular appearance.

As you can see, color harmonies can apply to all aspects of fashion and if you use them properly, you can learn how to highlight any element of your appearance. However, in order to certain jewelry to highlight your hair color, it is essential for the hair color to be flawless. For example, if your roots are showing, this might not be the best time to highlight your hair color. Moreover, if the hair color doesn’t match your skin tone, there’s no reason to draw attention to that.