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What are the requirements for becoming a professional hair designer?

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When a person needs a cut for themselves or their child, they go to a hair designer. As the name clearly suggests, a hair designer is someone who cuts and styles hair for a living. However, you’re not probably familiar with this denomination. You’re more familiar with the term hair stylist and hairdresser. Many people choose to become hair designers. Why? Besides the fact that they like chatting and meeting new people, they have a talent and passion for cutting hair. Becoming a professional hair designer isn’t simple, though. There are stringent requirements that you have to meet. If you’re thinking about taking this career path, then you should get to know what these requirements are.

Hair school training

If you want to work as a hair designer in the United States, you have no choice but to get a license. This basically means that you’ll have to attend beautician school courses and get your diploma. In classes, you’ll learn how to style, cut, color, and hair chemistry. What you need to know is that a full-time program can last up to 9 months. Some are even 2 years long. However, it’s all worth it taking into consideration that you have the chance to develop your skills, as well as your creativity.

Many people who go to beauty school often end up working in the fashion industry. Until you get there, you can make your own money. The work that you do for clients isn’t free, you know? The question now is how you choose a beautician school. Well, you can start with researching schools in your area. After you find something, make sure that you figure out the price of the tuition. It’s recommendable that you speak with one of the representatives of the educational institution. Why? Because you need to determine if the beauty schools is a good fit for you.

Hair design license

Just as you’re required to complete a training program, you’re required to obtain a license. Otherwise, you can’t engage in the practice of cosmetology. Although there are states that accept the completion of beautician school courses, other states may make you require for a specific license. Take the state of Washington, for example. They make the distinction between cosmetology and hair design license. You will limit your services to the scalp and make a living out of it, then you need to get a hair design license. The good news is that the vast majority of states combine the cosmetology and hair design licenses, so you don’t have to bother your head about that.

Professional certifications

Instead of generalizing your skills, you should be specializing them. Not only will this make you more employable, but also happier. If you want to do, for example, nail extensions, then seek professional certification in that area. On the other hand, if you want to remove unwanted hair, then get authorization for that. No matter what is it that you do, ensure that you have professional certifications.