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What Is It with the Statement Necklace Trend?

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The statement necklace trend is one of the most interesting necklace trends. Every necklace that calls itself belonging to this trend is made of a chain and some decorative parts for the middle area of the chain. A statement necklace made of precious stones will beautifully fit to a special occasion. The main purpose of a necklace is to highlight the neckline and immediately get the attention over the neck area for anyone who takes a look at you. It’s very important for the necklace to fit with the top that you are wearing. We present to you some of today’s most appreciated necklaces.

Neck Base Necklaces

If you are wearing some clothes with a high cleavage then you could choose a high statement necklace in order to complete your outfit. This kind of necklace stays so close to the base of the neck line that it almost looks like it’s sewed on the top of the clothes that you’re wearing. Imagine that you could have the most beautiful part of your favorite top to go with all the tops that you already have in your wardrobe.

Triangle Shape Necklaces

The medium necklaces hang down the neck line and allow the fabric of the clothes that you wear to be revealed through them. The statement necklace trend is rich in triangle shape necklaces that have substance in the middle of them Рthey have thicker central decorative parts such as pearls, stones, feathers or other pieces of chains which hang down by the neckline.

Round Shape Necklaces

The statement necklace trend also presents the round necklace version. It looks very much like the version of the neck base necklace except for the fact that it hangs down by the neck and covers the chest. Any piece of clothes that you wear will be transformed into a high fashion item if you place such necklace on top of your outfit.

Free Details Necklaces

Some necklaces have free details on the bottom part. They are bouncy movable items that seal tightly to the shape of your chest. These pieces of jewelry are good either for tops that cover most of the neck line or for tops that have a very generous cleavage.

Long Necklaces

Long necklaces fit any kind of outfit. It’s up to you if you either choose a non-conventional thin minimalist necklace or if you choose a heavy expressive and detailed pattern. Whatever you may choose you must make sure it suits your personality because after all, the objects that makes you look the most beautiful is the one that makes you feel confident!